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Edinburgh's Pubs and Bars

The magnificent city of Edinburgh, where the old and the new fuse together perfectly. The Iconic castle watches over the city which is brimming with beautiful Georgian buildings, contemporary architecture, medieval relics Gothic churches amazing museums & galleries and loads of splendid pubs and bars.

Edinburgh affectionately nicknamed Auld Reekie by the locals (Old Smoky) this title has 2 explanations; the first being that when the city’s buildings where heated by coal and wood the chimney stacks used to bellow thick plumes of smoke which were visible form a considerable distance. The other is that Auld Reekie meant (Old Smelly) this come from when the Old Town used to have open sewers which caused a fowl stench, this was down to residents disposing of their dirty wastewater from the first storey windows of their tenements straight into the streets below.

There’s nowt wrong with Auld Reekie now! It’s a thriving cosmopolitan city that attracts over 1 million overseas visitors each year, making it the second most visited tourist destination in the UK, after London. In a 2009 poll Edinburgh was voted the "most desirable city in which to live in the UK" and The city also claimed the top spot in a recent survey as the best place to live in The UK.

The historic centre of Edinburgh is carved into 2 areas: The Old Town and the New Town both of which are home to a large number of quality pubs and bars.

The Old Town you have the famous Royal Mile and Grassmarket, this is where you’ll find many of the older traditional pubs, some of which date back to back to the 1500's Robert Burns is known to have stayed in the The White Hart Inn on his last visit to the city in 1791. The pubs around Grassmarket are well worth a look in so hence them being popular with tourists and stag and Hen party’s, so they tend to be slightly more expensive. Also in the old town is are Lothian Road and the areas around George IV Bridge these have some nice pubs and bars.
In the new town you have George Street, Queen Street, Stockbridge and the Waterfront at Leith, George street makes a great starting point and is rich with nightlife and many of Edinburgh’s cooler independent pubs and bars are to be found here,expect good atmosphere live music, dj’s stylish décor and late night drinking.

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